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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Specification and Surface Finish.

Photozone Graphics provide export quality prototype circuit board and Batch quantity PCB at  competitive rates. Circuit board needed in all electronics industry. R & D section need their circuit board in time as well as these circuit board should be error free. Photozone check all Gerber data with advance DFM software  before  fabrication. This save time as well as provide error free circuit board. 

Input For PCB Fabrication 

 ( 274X - Format )

Benefits of Using Our services


Radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) circuits can be found in wireless products from handheld devices for medical and industrial applications to advanced communications systems for base stations, radar and global positioning. 

 Copy PCB ( circuit Board )

If you do not have the PCB design of Gerber Data , But if you can provide a sample of bare PCB, then we can redesign the PCB for you and make PCB. 

How to Work for Coping a PCB ?

       after get the sample , we will give exact quotation to you