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Best Printed Circuit Boards in Mumbai

At Photozone Graphics, we offer quality printed circuit boards and servicing for customers who require bare prototype PCB. No matter what you require, when you have something made by us you’ll be receiving a high-quality printed circuit board created to your exact specifications. We are conveniently located in Mumbai and serve the surrounding area. You can contact us on the form below with any enquiries you might have as to our process, prices, or order specifications.

Our Equipment & Tools

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures that everything we create is crafted to the same exacting specifications and quality. From day one, we have always invested in producing the best possible products for all of our clients while still maintaining competitive pricing. Additionally, our manufacturing process is very effective and efficient, while minimal waste generation ensures we can maximise our production.

Our Staff

We have diligent and professional industry workers on staff, many of whom have years of industry experience. All our staff have a great team spirit which translates to our work, as our excellent reviews from our previous clients can attest. That said, we’re always looking to improve our services, and we take all customer feedback seriously, no matter if it is positive or negative. We’re committed to being better tomorrow than we were today.

                            Photozone Graphics provide export quality prototype circuit board at competitive rates. Circuit board needed in all electronics industry. R & D section need their circuit board in time as well as these circuit board should be error free. Photozone Graphics check all Gerber data before sending it for fabrication. This save time as well as provide error free circuit board. Photozone Graphics having facility to produce export quality PCB. You will get quotation with in 2 hours.  

Apart from PCB fabrication we provide Laser Photo plotting  and Gerber data Conversion service.

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